As next harvest begins we will update with more pictures and descriptions of all varieties. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see when we traditionally begin to harvest these varieties. It has a zesty, pineapple, citrus flavor and flesh that has a fine grain, crisp texture. Used mostly for eating out of hand, but is also a fine cooking apple and makes a robust juice or cider. Ashmead planted an apple seed in his garden in the early s. It grew into a delicious variety that has won the highest awards from the Royal Horticultural Society. Smaller, golden russeted apple often with a red cheek. Baldwin A handsome, deep red apple originally from Massachusetts in the early s. There is a monument in Wilmington, MA where the original tree grew. This variety was the major New England apple until the s when a terrible freeze killed most of the trees.

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Tweet NaturalNews This may be controversial. Since high fructose corn syrup HFCS has been pointed out as a leading cause of fatty liver, obesity, and other bad health issues, many assume the same is true for consuming fruits. Yes, fruits contain fructose. But that fructose is in much smaller quantities than HFCS. Mark Hyman refers to the massive amounts of HFCS in processed foods and beverages as pharmacological, or intensely condensed and isolated or extracted from it’s food source.

Source below All the doctors sourced below agree that fructose in excess gets converted mostly to triglyceride fats instead of glucose for energy. Even table sugar sucrose gets converted to glucose more efficiently and without clogging up the liver. The sudden surge in obesity and type-2 diabetes began with the introduction of HFCS into processed foods and beverages. Our livers don’t convert pharmacological fructose doses into energy the way it can sucrose. Even IV pharmacological glucose can be beneficial under dire circumstances without damaging the liver.

Fruits in their natural solid forms contain much smaller amounts of fructose than processed HFCS. Their fructose is combined with other nutrients and fibers.

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Apple Association Apple Tips: When making salads, dip apple slices in fresh lemon juice to prevent slices from turning brown. Discoloration of aluminum utensils can be removed just as effectively by boiling a number of apple peelings in them as by the old method of boiling a little vinegar in water.

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The site’s styling is unmistakably Apple-inspired, with a crisp, clean layout, copious use of black, white and gray and text presented in a bold, sans-serif font. So far, Apple hasn’t taken issue with the similarities. Sampat said he received an e-mail from Apple’s business development team in San Francisco, which basically said it was aware of Cupidtino and to let the group know if he needed any help.

Apple spokeswoman Kristin Shuguet said the company had no comment.

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Oct 12,  · When you think about it, apples carry a lot of freight for a simple, shiny fruit. They speak of temptation (Adam and Eve), health (apple a day keeps the doctor away) and affection (apple of .

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Caramel apples—also called toffee apples and taffy apples —probably date to the late 19th Century, but some evidence suggests that recipes existed in the early s. What is known is that coating fruit in sugar/honey syrup is a practice dating back to ancient times.

Apple Variety Trials History of Apples Archeological evidence locates the origin of apples various Malus species in the region today known as Kazakhstan, specifically forests of the Tien Shan mountains. Caravans and foot travel have traversed it since Neolithic times, scattering seeds from apples eaten along the way.

Carbonized remains of apples have been found in prehistoric lake dwellings in Switzerland, dating back to the Iron Age, and 8, years ago apples were being grown and eaten in ancient Jericho. Selected cultivars were probably well-established in the near east by 4, BC and were later documented by Roman authors. Crabapples are the only native apple species in North America, with small, sour fruit, but native tribes cooked and stored the fruit, and used the bark medicinally.

Only 9 years after first landing at Plymouth in , colonists planted European apple trees in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Unlike Europe, apple varieties in early America were usually not grafted and most fruit came from seedling trees.

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Health Facts Crazy for Tastee? Caramel apples—also called toffee apples and taffy apples —probably date to the late 19th Century, but some evidence suggests that recipes existed in the early s. What appeals most to you most about caramel apples made by Tastee? Hummmm… Perhaps it is simply the sweet and savory experience that this treat transports to your taste buds.

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Some researchers have also questioned whether the sugar in apples, fructose, might be more likely to cause weight gain than other sugars, but this hasn’t been proved. Fructose is one of the sugars found in table sugar and high-fructose corn syrup. Calories Apples come in many sizes and different varieties. The size of the apple determines its caloric value; different varieties all have essentially the same number of calories. A medium apple provides 95 calories, while a large apple can contain calories.

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The most likely ancestor of apples as we know them today can still be found in Asia: Alexander the Great is said to have discovered dwarfed apples in Kazakhstan and brought them back to Macedonia in BC, but there is fossilized evidence of apples dating as far back as the Iron and Stone Ages in Switzerland and other parts of Europe. The Romans are thought to have introduced apples to England, and from there American colonists started spreading them throughout the New World.

Apple seeds were spread along trade routes, but the early trees were unable to bear much fruit due to a lack of the European honey bee, Apis mellifera. This type of honey bee was shipped to the Americas in As apple trees depend upon pollination to fruit, apple trees flourished after the introduction of the European bee. By the time apples arrived in the Americas, cooking with apples was nothing new. In fact, the first recorded recipe for apple pie was written in in England, and called for figs, raisins, pears, and saffron in addition to apples.

Early apple pie recipes were a lot different from what we know today, as they rarely called for sugar, an expensive and hard-to-get item at the time. Similarly, Dutch apple pies—the type usually decorated with a lattice of pastry on top—have also been around for centuries. A variety of other recipes appeared in French, Italian, and German recipe collections dating back to before the American colonies were settled.

Even when the American colonists were finally able produce enough apples to cater to more widespread consumption, they were initially used to make hard cider rather than pie.

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