Installing a washing machine is a snap whether you’re a veteran do-it-yourselfer or have never undertaken a home project. In fact, the most difficult part of the project is getting the washer from the truck to the laundry room. Before You Leave the Store Believe it or not, most washers do not come with the hoses needed to hook them up to your water supply, so make sure you pick up a set of hoses when you buy your new washer. If you’re buying a used washer, you should still get a new set of washer hoses because a burst washing machine hose can cause enormous damage. Hot to Hot, Cold to Cold Your washer’s hot water and cold water intakes should be clearly marked.

Buyer’s Guide: The best hose splitters 2018

View all brands Hose Faucet Watering For all of your hose faucet watering needs, we have a wide range of many different Orbit irrigation products. Hose faucet watering is simple. You can easily connect spray wands, yard sprinklers, Orbit sprinkler nozzles and much more to a standard garden hose faucet for effective watering. Not only do we have multi-port faucet connectors with shut-off valves, we have hose fittings and tools as well as complete lawn watering systems that easily attach to a hose faucet in minutes.

I would like to attach a garden-hose adapter to my sink faucet. Currently there is an aerator on the end that I like. Is there some solution that anyone knows of that will allow both the garden hose adapter and aerator to function simultaneously on the faucet.

Wrapping plumber’s tape around a faucet- to- house coupler’s threads and screwing that coupling into the kitchen faucet is the first step. Wrapping more tape around the garden hose coupler and screwing the female side of the Y- splitter the one standing alone into the garden house coupler comes next. Now it is time to attach the Y- splitter to the hose coupling on the kitchen sink. Plumber’s tape goes around threads on both of the joined ends of the Y- splitter. Attaching one garden hose’s female end to one side of the Y- splitter and the other end of that garden hose to the cold water intake coupler comes next.

Putting a male attachment adapter on the female end of the other garden hose is necessary. One end goes into the drainage hose coming from the washing machine, and following that with a hose clamp seals it tightly. The hose connected to the drainage should have its other end in the kitchen sink’s drain. It may be necessary to tie this in place so that it does not slide up out of the sink and cause a spill. The female end of the hot water hose should attach to the other neck of the Y- splitter.

Plumber’s tape goes around the male end of the hot water hose, which attaches to the hot water connection on the washing machine.


A look at what could be happening to a faucet that has a low flow of water. I left my home for the day, not expecting any problem. When I came home for lunch, I see a pool of water by my garage door. Going to the utility room, I find that the water heater is leaking. The hose from the hot water outlet to the hot water pipes has failed, leaving me with a nice mess. I had my afternoon project.

Add a hose hook up the. Super lightweight sink will use in installing a permanent underground pipe to the watering your garden hose – rich woman. But the metal strips and convenient.

The location of the leak will define how you need to fix that leaking garden hose. Before you call a plumber or run out to replace your garden hose, try these DIY solutions to fix a leaky garden hose. If it is leaking from the faucet hose bib: The stem of the faucet is attached to the pipe with a nut. Tighten it until it stops. If that does not work, loosen the packing nut and pull it toward you away from the house.

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Disconnect garden hose before freezing weather Question: I was told that I must disconnect my garden hose in the fall. It is a lot of trouble taking it out and reconnecting it to use. So, my question is why am I told to disconnect the hose? Don’t I still need to water plants in the fall?

The Danco ice maker adapter will help you hook up your ice maker to the water supply without having to add a new supply valve. It is constructed of solid brass for strength and durabilty. This valve works with cold water supply.

There are many uses for a garden hose, including watering grass and plants, rinsing off backyard toys, and washing your car. Most hardware and home improvement stores have entire aisles devoted to garden hoses, so there are many options. Take a little time to consider all the options so that you purchase a garden hose that will fit your watering needs.

If you live in a mild climate and plan to use the hose to water your lawn or garden, vinyl is a suitable option. Vinyl hoses are light and easy to handle. They often cost less than rubber or reinforced hoses and are a good choice for basic watering needs.

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Made from one piece of solid brass, this garden hose splitter is durable and built to last. The adapter features levers that selectively turn the water flow through each valve on and off and a swivel connector that is designed to connect to a standard spigot or hose. The levers on each side are also made from solid brass not cheap plastic, which can break easily and are coated with a thermo plastic rubber overmold which allows you turn water on and off without the need for tools.

Orbit SunMate offers a wide variety of sprinklers, timers, pistols, nozzles, and wands for all hose-end applications. SunMate products are a great addition to any existing sprinkler system. It is the #1 consumer recognized brand for hose-end products. SunMate carries innovative hose-end yard watering systems and has durability designed into every hose-end product.

January 20, at 7: Undo jasperdog I think Brickeyee meant – tell the buyer to go buy a new house. If this is the only problem they can find, they are either looking for an excuse not to buy, or an excuse to try and get a lower price as this is a minor problem. The worst it would need is a new hose bib. Like Save January 20, at Those old tape are crap, but more often than not, tightening the nut Alice mentioned will work.

Personally, I put a threaded receiver in, so the hose bib can be screwed in, and unscrewed should it need replacing. Like Save January 24, at 2: Undo lazypup Quote;”True, but I’d assume buyer had an inspector, and it’s their job to find stuff like that. The inspector made no mention of that, which tells me their inspector is one of the quick peek con artist types more intent on getting the buyers money than actually inspecting anything.

Like Save January 24, at 8: Undo brickeyee “I think Brickeyee meant – tell the buyer to go buy a new house. If they want a new house tell them to go purchase one.

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You can make a big change in your bathroom just by swapping out the faucet. In the single-hole faucet, the center control typically not only serves as the spout but the mixing valve as well. Depending on your existing situation, the faucet may be installed to the countertop or the sink, so if you are replacing one or the other, you have the option to change faucet type.

If not, purchase a new faucet to match the type you already have.

Two Sizes Available: 1/4″ Push Connect x 3/4″ Garden Hose; 3/8″ Push Connect x 3/4″ Garden Hose. Mur-lok RO fittings are the only RO fittings that feature dual EPDM O-rings to .

Nov 23, I’ve got a Grohe kitchen faucet with a pull out head that I can’t hook anything to. Can’t tell if that’s a Moen or Delta in the pic but you may still be able to unscrew the center section aerator and attach a hose thread adapter. If you don’t own the faucet yet experiment with it at Lowes or H. I don’t use the water wastin’ Python for siphoning and I have to pre-treat in a separate vessel before replacing so I’m not familiar with the threads on the Python, but I’m sure one of the two Borg stores will have the adapter to fit.

If it’s just a matter of there not being enough threads you can also find, probably on the same display rack, a female coupling and a short nipple that will allow you to extend a stubby piece with more threads exposed. Just be mindful that if you go that route the end that you attach to is going to have a lot of leverage on the connection if you pull on the Python hose and you could easily snap the whole thing off. If that’s the only way to make it work I’d wrap the Python hose around the back of the faucet neck to provide a kind of stress relief at the connecting point.

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These products contain lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling. For more information, click here.

The Y Hose Adapter from Red Earth Naturals allows you to more efficiently distribute the water in your yard or garden. Made from one piece of solid brass, this garden hose splitter is durable and built to last.

Garden hose [ 1 Answers ] Hi I have a Pfister kitchen faucet which has the spray hose built in, I would like to hook up a garden hose so I can spray my patio, I have no water connection on the outside, my question is can I even hook a hose to this and if so what kind of connector or adapter would I need? Thanks How to shorten a Garden hose [ 2 Answers ] I need a six foot garden hose for my fish tank and hose faucet hookup which is about 3 feet away from the tank.

I use longer hoses and they just get crimped up and split open. Can you help me. Garden hose problems [ 3 Answers ] I just bought a house that came with a fitting on the outside garden hose bib and I believe it was put there to conserve water. It had a piece sticking out of the middle of it and if you press in that piece with enough force, it opens this fitting up for water to flow through.

Well, I tried

How to Hook a Garden Hose to Your Indoor Faucet – De-ice a Deck, Thaw Containers & Raised Beds Early