MisRed is channeling Bethenny this morning. Have you ever had one of those moments with your spouse that went from endearing bliss to homicidal annoyance in the span of, like, 4 seconds. MisRed jokes, MisRed kids. Queen Bee LVP has been mildly-upset off and on throughout the season, for various reasons. Dorit called her insecure and jealous. Kyle attempted […] MisRed Recaps 0 Greetings, my peeps! How is everyone today?

The Real Parents of Shannon Brown’s Alleged Love Child Comes Forward

Although originally on several pages, we’ve combined them for this archive. They’re in alphabetical order, so look for individual shows or just browse. Acoustic Strawbs Assembly Rooms Crafting in-yer-face melodies with an alarmingly high political content since the late sixties, folk-rock group The Strawbs are now out on the road in acoustic form – which means founder members Dave Cousins, Dave Lambert and Brian Willoughby fronting a trio of guitars and the odd burst of dulcimer.

Their huge roster of songs cuts across all barriers whether it’s Cousins’ soaring vocals or Lambert and Willoughby’s duelling cutaways.

Un Fil a la Patte () In the elite world of upper crust Paris, a man named Bois d’Enghein is about to marry Viviane Duverger, the daughter of a wealthy baroness, however, he has yet to break this news to his lover, Lucette, one of the most notorious divas in the city.

Loveless bottom boy OP can go suck her feet and cry now. Only one of those is a cover song, Aretha’s biggest single is a cover of a Otis Redding song and Barbra Streisand’s biggest song is also a cover. Lots of really good songs for the time but they don’t get radio play like old Madonna or even Whitney stuff. You’ll also find that Natural Woman and I say a little prayer are both covers so Aretha is also a cover queen herself.

I don’t think Vogue will be anything but dated in 20 years. BTW, Vogue isn’t even in the same category as the other songs you listed.

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This Los Angeles area succulent nursery was where horticultural fashionistas came to see and be seen. Is the trend over, like a slouchy beanie or teenaged vampires? Gardeners may think they are earthy, practical people — immune to the vagaries of fashion.

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January 24, 7: It is an early make or break test for a relationship for me, if it feels uneven. My present partner and I alternate who takes the other out for meal, or a weekend, or so on. We’re on even terms financially so there is no reason not to. Much better that way. WaywardAussie on January 24, 8: No, I don’t think so – they’re universally in demand and transcend all generations.

I don’t know what it is about a diva, but I think a man will always find her attractive in some sort of way. That’s not to say that they actually want to date her themselves, but they probably wouldn’t mind a shag, a fling, or at least a go. So what could the attraction be? Possibly that they’re usually beautiful, well turned out, dresses nice, looks nice, is popular, the queen bee of the social crowd.

Mariah Carey reveals where she got her diva tendencies from

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I have quite a few male friends and colleagues who are dating or have dated Divas/Princesses and then complain about their demanding behaviour. Half the time you feel like saying “Well, duh! You’re obviously dating the wrong woman”.

Like a kid running up a downward-moving escalator as the whole family watches on with a mixture of mild protestation and grudging admiration , Phil Collins decided to get “cute” with Live Aid. You know why they set up Live Aid on two separate stages, on two separate continents? To make it as easy as possible for as many performers from the U. The whole point was that no one would have to fly across the ocean in a panic to play both concerts.

Because who in their right mind could possibly play two different cities on two different continents on the same day? You’d have to be a maniac. You’d have to be a masochist. You’d have to be a madman. Sure, they were broadcasting both concerts on worldwide television, so in theory, neither audience on either continent was going to be denied their fill of Phil. But what if you’d wanted to see Phil Collins

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Her shocking-orange locks may not need much accessorizing, but that hasn’t stopped Galvin from creating the hottest, haute-est head couture around. The self-taught Irish milliner, who opened her Fort Point Channel studio in , boasts hats that have appeared at New York Fashion Week and on several celebrity heads. The natty dresser can work any crowd with vim and wit; he’s such a natural-born schmoozer, you get the sense he’d do the job for free.

MisRed is a trained chef, a director of supply chain at a beauty company, geriatric ice skater, who likes tacos and is single-handedly keeping the New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc industry afloat and thriving.

Illustration by Ryan Casey My recent column critiquing the 12 worst types of gay men drew a firestorm of controversy, with lots of people lining up to say that I was 13 just for writing such a thing. And so, the 12 most fabulous types of gay guys are: The ones who are aware of current political events. The kind who think of LGBTs as a community. They actually want to know all sorts of queers, figuring us connected in spirit, not just in name and community centers.

They even have some female friends! Including some male-to-female friends! Of a different color! Guys with a wide bevy of cultural fixations.

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Refresh and try again. Rate this book Clear rating 1 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars On the heels of the popular, groundbreaking anthology Love Inshallah: As Muslim women become more proactive in sharing their voices and experiences in On the heels of the popular, groundbreaking anthology Love Inshallah: As Muslim women become more proactive in sharing their voices and experiences in the public sphere, a unique phenomenon has occurred:

Dating and Relationships for The Woman of Tomorrow By Rori Raye I met this lovely man – Jo nathan Aslay, a dating coach for women, at a professional get together – and I loved him.

Both Emily Coates and Emmanuele Phuon sharing a program at Danspace were conceptually rigorous, engaging, and supported by collaborators with their own impressive backgrounds. But it was the act of physicalizing thoughts and theory, the uncanny combination seeing past, present and future embodied, the visualization of abstractions as well as realities of life, without pretension, that made the evening a memorable one.

Coates and Yale physicist Sarah Demers have been collaborating for some time and have co-authored a book on physics and dance forthcoming from Yale University Press. A History of Light brings together their knowledge across disciplines to highlight connections, such as the simple idea that the ballerina Vera Karalli is still with us via films through the magical use of light. There is plenty of humor — Ms.

Coates evokes light though the use of her hands and gestures, eyeline, and the steady stream of movement in her solos. She juxtaposed past and present by folding into bodily shapes and contortions on a foam mattress, right underneath a film of Karalli dancing the Dying Swan.

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