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January 8, Roll-A-Snowman game with printable Last weekend, the “cousins” got together for a post Christmas celebration. I wanted to plan a few little activities for them so they would have fun without too much chaos 8 kids between the ages of 2 and 10 can quickly get pretty wild! I’ve seen the idea for this roll-a-snowman game in several places, but none of them were exactly what I wanted. Thanks to PicMonkey, I was able to make my own version and the kids had fun with it.

It’s available as a free printable at the end of the post Check it out I just printed out 8 copies and gave each child a die to roll and some crayons.

Fort of Devagiri (Muslims renamed it to Daulatabad) Devgiri/Daulatabad (meaning “City of Prosperity”), is a city in Maharashtra, India, about 16 kilometers northwest of place was once known as Deogiri, (circa the sixth century AD, when it was an important uplands city along caravan s had capital at Devagiri fort, perhaps the strongest fort of India.

It was a masterpiece in many ways. Leaving New Delhi railway station at dawn, it would take a mere two-and-a-half hours to reach Agra Cantonment station. This at a time when the shortest rail link between these two stations took in excess of three hours. Perfect for day-long sightseeing trips, the return train would leave Agra in the evening and get one back to Delhi the same night.

As an additonal sop to the multitude of foreign tourists who made a beeline for this train, booking a return fare meant that one would have the same seat number in both directions. Add to that a nice breakfast and dinner, as well as beautifully appointed AC chair cars, and the classic WP steam engines that hauled the trains and you had exotic India on a single line.

That old Taj Express is long gone—superseded by the Agra Shatabdi—but its tradition lives on in later trains like the Palace on Wheels. The proud legacy Rewari Steam Loco Shed:

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Share this article Share And it all happened almost a year before the travesty of December 16, that consumed the nation. We’re not going to give her a name, but this is her story. The father didn’t want her named or picture published. This horror began in Outer Delhi on the evening of February 9, ; the brutalised remains were found in a field in Rewari, Haryana, four days later.

Chandan GhosalPosted On: Dear sir, I, Chandan Ghosal would like to inform you that I received a disconnection notice from WBSEDCL, Rajarhat division, which clearly stated that my connection will be cut if I don’t clear the outstanding bill amounting Rs /- within

The story continues on a separate page. Though, factually the statement is correct because India has very few Main Line steam operations confined to the Hill Railways and only a handful of working BG and MG steam locomotives. But the efforts of a few serving and retired Railway Engineers to rekindle the old era of steam locomotives still persists, in spite of the heavy odds and the top management keen to put electric wires on every railroad. Among this web of overhead wires read OHE that now covers all major routes, there is a puff of black smoke at a small town called Rewari situated about 80 Kms.

In Rewari exists the one and only Steam loco heritage shed which dates back to Declared as a heritage steam loco shed in , the shed saw little progress and activity in intervening years and would have surely gone into oblivion but for a sizeable and timely sanction of financial granted by the Ministry of Railways to reviving this grand old Steam Loco shed, Coupled with the fortune appointment of the iconic steam enthusiast in India named Ashwani Lohani as Divisional Railway Manager of Delhi Division under which Rewari is located.

This twin inputs have given a new lease of life to this virtually dead Steam shed that homed 10 vintage Steam Locos. The shed presently holds 5 MG and 5 BG steam locos. Out of these, 3 YG class MG locomotives have already been put on steam till date and 2 BG locomotives have also been lit up.

Rewari Steam Loco Shed, A Photo Essay

The site is one of the many sites seen along the channels of the ancient Saraswati riverine systems, now represented by the seasonal Ghaggar River which flows in modern Haryana from Nahan to Sirsa. Excavations[ edit ] The Excavation Branch-I, Nagpur of the Archaeological Survey of India excavated this site for three field seasons during , —05 and Several publications have been written on it by Rao et al.

Several railway employees claim to have seen a Ghost in white saree there. BEGUN KODAR: At Begun Kodar in West Bengal, a mysterious woman in a white saree walks along the tracks of a lonely railway station. Faces full of disbelief and fear eye me as I ask locals for directions to Begun Kodar in West Bengal’s Purulia district, popularly known as the ghost station of the Indian Railways.

Digging so far reveals a well planned city with 1. The pottery is similar to Kalibangan and Banawali. Pits surrounded by walls have been found, which are thought to be for sacrificial or some religious ceremonies. Fire was used extensively in their religious ceremonies. There are brick lined drains to handle sewage from the houses. Terracotta statues, weights, bronze artefacts, comb, copper fish hooks, needles and terracotta seals have also been found.

A bronze vessel has been found which is decorated with gold and silver. A gold foundry with about unpolished semi-precious stones has been found. Many tools used for polishing these stones and a furnace were found there. A burial site has been found with 11 skeletons, with their heads in the north direction. Near the heads of these skeletons, utensils for everyday use were kept. The three female skeletons have shell bangles on their left wrists. Near one female skeleton, a gold armlet has been found.

In addition semi precious stones have been found lying near the head, suggesting that they were part of some sort of necklace.

Temples in Rewari

You can read the original article at http: There are indeed names of several historical persons in Vedas. But that does not mean that Vedas prophesise those people. It only means that those words were popular and people chose to adopt these names. By that logic, Bible prophesises about all people born with name George and Islamic texts about people named Muhammad, Ali etc!

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It is situated at a distance of 20 km from Rohtak and 28 km from Bhiwani. The town of Bhiwani is towards the western direction, historical town Meham is situated in the northern side and Beri is situated in the southern direction of Kalanaur. The Delhi-Bhiwani Broadguage railway line passes through the town. There are many different beliefs regarding the evolution of Kalanaur, few of them are as under: Kalanaur was established by Rao Kalyan Singh a parmara rajput who was known as Kalan.

Kalyan Singh resumed this region to secure the established village Bhali on the bank of drain presently known as Drain No. After this kalanaur town was established in the year Kalayan Singh had three sons. Kalanaur was divided as per their names.

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September 15, Accusing the police of laxity, the victim’s family said the Rewari police took around 24 hours to transfer the Zero FIR registered by them to their Mahendergarh counterparts, allowing the accused enough time to escape. The police, however, have denied the allegations. The incident took place on September 12 when the girl, a first year B. Sc student at a government college, went to neighbouring Mahendergarh district with her father to attend a coaching class.

He alleged that one of the accused called his friends who also raped the girl.

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TNN Sep 20, , India has pledged to replace the currently prevalent disposable injections with reuse prevention RUP syringes by He was in the city to speak at a workshop with Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences faculty and staff on safety-engineered syringes.

Railway Gauges in India What gauges are used in India? Broad Gauge – 5’6″ (mm) This is now found all over the country, and all major passenger and freight routes are now broad gauge.

Some early inscriptions, dated and , have implied that the Hoysalas of Mysore were also the descendants of the original Yadava clan, by referring to the Yadava vansa clan as Hoysala vansa. They were family of kings who ruled over practically the whole of the Kannada country at the height of their power. They scheduled the hill tribes known as Malepas in the Western Ghats and they assumed the title ‘Maleparoleganda’.

The account of their origin can be traced in some of their inscriptions. They claimed Sosevura Sasakapura of Sanskrit writers as their birthplace. This place has been identified with Angadi of Mudigere Taluk in chikamanglura district. It has been mentioned as the seen of the incident between Sala and the tiger. When Sala,’ an ornament of the Yaduvamsa’ Yaduvamsojvala tilakan was worshiping the goddess Vasantike of Sasakapura, a tiger came from the forest.

The holiman Sodutta, who was there, gave him his fan saying ‘Poysala’ Strike, Sala. Sala killed the tiger. From that time the name of Poysala become the designation of the Yadava kings E. Almost the same account, though differing in certain details, is found in many of their inscriptions. According to another version, when Sala was hunting along the slopes of the Sahya mountains or the Western Ghats , he was astonished to see a hare SKt. Sasa pursuing a tiger, while he was walking alone saying to himself, ‘this is heroic soil’, a holy muni near by, being afraid of the tiger, called out ‘Poy-Sala’ and before it could proceed the length of a span Sala slew it with his sword E.

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A year-old woman was allegedly kidnapped and raped by four to five people at Kanina in Haryana’s Mahendergarh district, police said on Thursday. She was allegedly kidnapped on Wednesday by the accused who arrived in a car and taken to a secluded place where she was gangraped after being offered a drink laced with sedatives, they said. The accused later left her near a bus stop in Kanina. According to an official of Women Police station, Rewari, a ‘zero FIR’ was lodged on the complaint of the woman, and the probe was being conducted by the Mahendergarh police as the incident occurred in the area under their jurisdiction.

Bhirrana, also Bhirdana and Birhana, (Hindi: भिरड़ाणा) is a small village located in Fatehabad District, in the Indian state of Haryana.

It is believed that during the time of Mahabharata, King Rewat, who named his daughter as Rewati, founded a city after her and called it “Rewa Wadi”. Rewati was married to Balaram who was elder brother of Shri Krishna and the Rewa Wadi was given as a wedding gift to Rewati. Then the city was renamed as Rewari.

Since Rewari has a long history dating back to Mahabharata, it is not surprising that the city has many religious attractions for Hindus. Some of the most popular Hindu temples and shrines are as follows: The unique feature of this temple if that all the idols of Gods and Goddess of Sanatana Dharma which means the eternal religion Hinduism are places here.

The temple is a huge building and is three storied. People from various places come to Rewari in large numbers to visit this temple. One can see Shivstuti, a prayer to Lord Shiva, composed by Ali Bakesh engraved at the entrance of the temple on a marble stone.