Strengthening of Canada-China commercial relationship Shanghai, China – September 1, China is playing an increasingly important role in shaping world politics and driving global economic growth. Canada is working to renew ties with China to help grow the economy, strengthen the middle class, and develop long lasting ties between the peoples of both countries. Today, 56 new commercial contracts and agreements were signed between Canadian and Chinese companies. These announcements illustrate growth opportunities for Canadian companies in key priority sectors reflecting an inclusive and sustainable commitment to innovation and environment, a strong role for small and medium-sized enterprises, and a focus on open trade and investment. They also reflect success stories that highlight the quality and safety of Canadian food products, our innovative and world-class Canadian clean technologies, and our continued competitive advantage in the oil and gas sector. They also show that Canada is open to investment, which spurs innovation and supports growth in Canadian communities. September 1, signings in Shanghai: The MOU is an important stepping stone towards further research and development, and eventual high-technology manufacturing opportunities in Alberta.

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KRW 93, , per annum Employment: Indeterminate – Full time, August 23, Application requirement: Please submit English CV and covering letter in MS word document clearly indicating how you meet the statement of qualifications listed below to seoul. These professionals work with government and business to identify opportunities as well as obstacles to trade so that they can act on them facilitating the flow of trade.

SWI-IID Regulated Commodities — Data Element Matching Criteria Tables – Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

Stakeholder engagement is an important part of this competitive procurement process, one that our government is committed to. We are all here today for different reasons—some of us to share information, others to gather information and determine what competitive advantage can be brought the competition. But at the end of the day, we all are share the same objective. And most importantly, we all want to see the Canadian Armed Forces acquire the right replacement aircraft at the right price and economic benefits, as quickly as possible.

But most of all, we want to hear from you—during the question and answer session later this morning and during the one-on-one meetings to follow, about your perspectives on our proposed way forward. We gathered information on costs, aircraft capabilities, delivery times, and potential economic benefits to Canada for various fighter aircraft. Following these consultations, the Government of Canada announced in November that Canada would prepare to launch an open and transparent competition to acquire a permanent replacement for our CF fighter aircraft.

Following this announcement, consultations continued with allied and partner foreign governments and defence organisations through the summer and fall of to further explore potential approaches to the competitive process. As part of these consultations, we learned more about how some other countries are implementing their fighter replacement programs, and their procurement timelines which has informed us in developing our process. In the Canadian context, most competitive procurements entail solicitation of binding bids from private sector companies that lead to a contract between Canada and such companies.

Harper Government Concludes Successful Trade Mission to China and Japan

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Future Fighter Industry Day Statements

Customer satisfaction and increased sales Employee satisfaction and reduced turnover New investors and open access to markets Public image and reputation More competition, leading to better products and services, and costs Source: Business Case and Best Practices. Potential Barriers to Supplier Diversity in Canada Supplier diversity initiatives are not widespread in Canadian organizations. Footnote 30 Several barriers or challenges may prevent businesses from implementing these types of programs.

As our key informants confirmed during the interviews for this project, these obstacles include: Footnote 31 , Footnote 32 Lack of Leadership Commitment or Buy-In Without visible and sustained leadership support, no organizational program or initiative can succeed.

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Reforms are creating opportunities across a number of sectors including education, financial services, government services and energy — the mother of all reforms. Formerly state-owned monopolies in oil and gas and electricity have been opened up, and Mexico also has ambitious plans to double renewable energy from 17 per cent to 34 per cent. The automotive sector is also growing; over the past five years we have seen significant OEMs establish themselves in Mexico, and as a result clusters are forming that is creating great opportunities for Canadian suppliers.

We are seeing similar activity in aerospace. Mexico and Canada are very different business environments. Things take longer, so you have to budget time and financial resources accordingly. In addition to visiting frequently and participating in trade events, where you can get to know people, the sector and the local culture, hiring a knowledgeable and well-connected local representative is wise. In addition to EDC, what other resources are available to Canadian companies?

We take a Team Canada approach: We work closely with the Trade Commissioner Services and Global Affairs as we are co-located in the Canadian Embassy in Mexico together with these departments and provincial government representatives from Alberta and Ontario. Plus, Quebec has an office just around the corner from the embassy. And the Canadian Chamber of Commerce also has an office nearby.

We often bring in the other partners who provide incremental market knowledge and other support mechanisms.

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If your company is currently selling to countries outside of Canada and you are looking to grow your export market, the CanExport program is a government funding program that may be able to assist you. CanExport is expected to assist up to 1, exporters per year across the country. Eligible Activities for Funding CanExport seeks to provide financial support to Canadian companies for a wide range of export marketing and sales activities.

Qualifying travel activities include: Once you have filed your application you can expect to hear if your application has been approved within 25 business days. CanExport will notify companies whether or not their application is successful.

Scope. The German-Canadian Centre for Innovation and Research organizes regular matchmaking missions to bring Albertan SMEs (small-to-medium sized enterprises) to Europe for the purpose of meeting potential partners with whom to apply for the Alberta-Europe Technology Collaboration Fund.

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History[ edit ] There are at least two historical roots of the mail-order bride industry that emerged in the s in the American frontier: Asian workers in the frontier regions although Asian workers were scattered throughout the world , and American men who had headed west across the United States to work out on the frontier. European American men found financial success in the migration West, but the one thing that was missing was the company of a wife.

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Government of Canada

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For illustrative purposes, please see the following examples of eligible expenses with important details: Applicants are expected to provide reasonable, economy airfare estimates in their application and that take into account advance booking, where possible. If a traveller chooses to use another form of transportation, such as bus, train or car rental, to travel to an event as an alternative to flying, the claimed expense cannot exceed what an equivalent straight route economy class airfare would be expected to cost.

If the amount seems excessive, the applicant will be expected to provide economy airfare estimates. Expenses for accommodation, meals and incidentals together. Those fees are covered for a maximum of two employees or owners working for the company and cannot be claimed for consultants. Cost of ground transportation taxi or car rental can be covered in the travel fees. Temporary visa fees for up to two employees or owners working for the company for eligible travel.

Participation to trade events to meet key contacts from target market Ex: Shipping and handling costs related to the participation in canexport-financed international business development activities for instance, promotional material, booth pop-ups, prototype or product for showcase purposes, samples, etc. Interpretation services for target market language must be specified Marketing tools- adaptation and translation for target market Ex: When approved, canexport can cover up to 50 percent of the value of these expenses, just like the program would for all other type of expenses.

However, the total costs for consultant services must not exceed 25 percent of the total eligible cost of the entire canexport project. Ineligible expenses Though most expenses supporting international business development are eligible, as described above, following is a list of expenses that are deemed to be ineligible under this program: