In this context of changing and challenging market requirements, Gas Insulated Substation GIS has found a broad range of applications in power systems for more than two decades because of its high reliability, easy maintenance and small ground space requirement etc. SF6 has been of considerable technological interest as an insulation medium in GIS because of its superior insulating properties, high dielectric strength at relatively low pressure and its thermal and chemical stability. SF6 is generally found to be very sensitive to field perturbations such as those caused by conductor surface imperfections and by conducting particle contaminants. The presence of contamination can therefore be a problem with gas insulated substations operating at high fields. If the effects of these particles could be eliminated, then this would improve the reliability of compressed gas insulated substation. It would also offer the possibility of operating at higher fields to affect a potential reduction in the GIS size with subsequent savings in the cost of manufacture and installation. The purpose of this paper is to develop techniques, which will formulate the basic equations that will govern the movement of metallic particles like aluminum, copper in a coated as well as uncoated busduct.

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Messenger Solar households in Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales will this year cease to be paid for power they export into the electricity grid. They offered high payments for electricity fed back into the grid from roof-mounted PV systems. These varied from state to state and time to time. For many householders, these special tariffs are ending. But while the windback may hurt some households, it may ultimately be a good sign for the industry.

The question of the origin of Pacific Islanders has exercised scientists since the first explorers’ voyages of the 16th century. Physical resemblance between Polynesians and Asian populations was detected, but in between were the islands of Melanesia, inhabited largely by people of different phenotype. However, the Lapita culture bridged this geographical divide 3, y ago.

Established in , it functioned as the watchtower for ships docking and departing Sunda Kelapa Harbor. No longer used, the building is in dilapidated condition. A legacy of Indonesia’s maritime past. Artifacts of boats from the Pinisi to the Navy, underwater life and the heroes of the Indonesian seas. This is where Jakarta began as Fatahillah defeats the Portuguese in a battle to conquer his kingdom in The old port area of Sunda Kelapa remains today as a bustling hub for inter-island trade.

Graceful Bugis phinisi schooners, the world’s last wind-powered sailing fleet used for trade, are still berthed at the quay as they have been for century. This is the last nature reserve in Jakarta with mangrove plantations and wildlife still preserved.

Implenting Resolution 1540: What the National Reports Indicate

Flowering bamboo Phyllostachys glauca ‘Yunzhu’ in flower Bamboos seldom and unpredictably flower, and the frequency of flowering varies greatly from species to species. Once flowering takes place, a plant declines and often dies entirely. In fact, many species only flower at intervals as long as 65 or years.

While no direct connection has been made, many have linked Mallet’s situation to his role as vice president of Hong Kong’s Foreign Correspondents’ Club, an institution dating back more than 75 years to when the Asian financial hub was a British colony.

In , during the Italo-Turkish war, Italy employed aircraft, for the first time ever in the world, for reconnaissance and bombing missions. As a result of Benito Mussolini, who wanted Italy to become a world power, the Regia Aeronautica was born on 23 March During the thirties the Regia Aeronautica was involved in its first military operations, initially in Ethiopia in , and later in Spain between and The Regia Aeronautica fought from the icy steppes of Russia to the sand of the North Africa dessert losing men and machines.

After the armistice of 8 September , Italy divided itself into two, and the same fate befell the Regia Aeronautica. The end of the hostilities, on 8 May , opened the gates to the rebirth of military aviation in Italy. A referendum resulted in the proclamation of Italy as a Republic on 18 June , and in parallel the Regia Aeronautica was transformed into the Aeronautica Militare AM – the title that it holds today. Not content to see foreign-designed aircraft serving the AMI, the reborn Italian aviation industry began the develop and produce aircraft of its own like the Fiat G91, Aermacchi MB , Piaggio P and the line of Agusta-Bell helicopters.

The de-cade of the Seventies witnessed the acquisition of the Aeritalia G and Lockheed C , which renewed the transport fleet, and the Lockheed-Aeritalia F S, a fighter-variant of the Starfighter developed specifically to meet the requirements of the Italian de-fence system.

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Comic Books In , Wizard! Then Johns topped this by actually writing it into an issue of Teen Titans the following year. In , the big news on the comics blogsphere was Johns again, now working on Vibe: Rebirth with Ethan Van Scriver. At last, one of the most iconic characters in the DC stable is brought back to glory!

U-Series dating of Liujiang hominid site in Guangxi, Southern China G Shen, W Wang, Q Wang, J Zhao, K Collerson, C Zhou, PV Tobias Journal of Human Evolution 43 (6), ,

Jim Tice May 17, Junior enlisted soldiers in several military occupational specialties will be put under a Big Army microscope during re-enlistment processing, even if they are avidly endorsed for retention by their commanders. The re-up squeeze, called “precision retention,” is related to the drawdown, and is designed to ensure that dwindling retention opportunities in some MOS go to top-quality soldiers with high potential for future contributions to the Army.

The precision retention strategy introduced five years ago allows personnel officials to make reassignment and career management decisions based on the near real-time specialty and rank composition of the enlisted force. Under a key component of this strategy, the Army has moved from an annual, month retention mission format to quarterly missions in which commanders will be issued re-enlistment goals every three months based on changing personnel requirements.

Enlisted soldiers become eligible for re-enlistment under the revised system 12 months in advance of their contractual expiration term of service, or ETS. However, the Army has retained the long-standing policy that requires soldiers to re-enlist no later than 90 days before their ETS. This means when soldiers enter the month window of eligibility, they have no more than nine months to execute a service extension or re-enlistment. A review of the most recent re-up statistics shows that as the Army gets smaller, the annual retention missions assigned to commanders are getting smaller, which in turn increases competition among soldiers who vie for the available re-enlistment vacancies.

The retention plan now in effect opened Oct. It appears that commanders are well on the way to achieving those goals, as seven months into the fiscal year they are just soldiers shy of meeting the cohort mission, and 11, soldiers short of the cohort mission.

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This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Significance The prehistoric settlement of Madagascar by people from distant Southeast Asia has long captured both scholarly and public imagination, but on the ground evidence for this colonization has eluded archaeologists for decades. Our study provides the first, to our knowledge, archaeological evidence for an early Southeast Asian presence in Madagascar and reveals that this settlement extended to the Comoros.

Our findings point to a complex Malagasy settlement history and open new research avenues for linguists, geneticists, and archaeologists to further study the timing and process of this population movement. Here, we present new archaeobotanical data that show that Southeast Asian settlers brought Asian crops with them when they settled in Africa.

PV Sindhu survived a scare in the opening round of the Hong Kong Open World Tour Super as she defeated Thailand’s Nitchaon Jindapol , , to enter the pre-quarters of the ,dollar event on Wednesday.

What the National Reports Indicate Subject s: UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan welcomed the decision, viewing it as a supplement to the existing non-proliferation and disarmament regimes covering nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. It is therefore possible now to undertake a preliminary assessment of the reports and the measures the states took or plan to take. We begin with a brief overview of the origin and main points of the resolution. Resolution Resolution was a US-led initiative to draw the Security Council into enacting practical measures to force governments to deal with the threat of non-state actors terrorists, businesses, unauthorised state officials acquiring or trafficking in WMD-related technologies or materials.

One impetus for this resolution was the revelations in of the nuclear proliferation network market run by Pakistani scientist A. Khan, who publicly confessed his role in February The main obligations for UN member states are contained in operative paragraphs OP 1 to 3. OP1 prohibits states to provide “any form of support to non-State actors that attempt to develop, acquire, manufacture, possess, transport, transfer or use nuclear, chemical or biological weapons and their means of delivery.

OP3 prescribes that states take and enforce a comprehensive system of domestic controls on WMD and related materials.

Hong Kong Open: Sindhu, Srikanth Advance, Nehwal Crashes

It can be an unfortunate sight to see. In order to stay in the clear, consider these nine. The same concept applies to jewelry. If you have a really thick neck, a choker might not be the best trend to take advantage of. If you have a large bust, you might not want to wear multiple necklaces that gather in your cleavage. When you get ready in the morning, remember that less is more.

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This enables diverse technologies wind, solar, biogas, etc. This is a theoretical alternative which is based on the concept of price differentiation Finon. Under such a policy the tariff price ranges from some level slightly above the spot rate to the price required to obtain the optimal level of production determined by the government.

Firms with lower marginal costs receive prices on the lower end of the spectrum that increase their revenue but not by as much as under the uniform feed-in tariff. The more marginal producers face the higher tariff price. This version of the policy has two objectives.

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