Welcome to Old Coffee Grinders. We specialize in the wall mounted mills with glass hoppers or canister mills as these were sometimes included with the Hoosier Cabinets that make up the other part of our business see link at bottom of page. We also deal in box or lap mills and some larger counter models. All of our hand operated coffee grinders are ready for you to use and enjoy in today’s household. However, if you plan on using your mill on a daily basis, I would recommend one with a cast iron body rather than a wooden one. While age has almost no negative effects on cast iron mills, over time the joints and nails in a wooden mill have a tendency to loose some of their original strength.

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If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. The Hoosier Manufacturing Co. Over the next two decades, several other Indiana companies manufactured similar cabinets – and most collectors call all of these cabinets Hoosiers. Napanee free-standing cabinets came in several sizes and with several combinations of storage units.

Complete your home renovation project with parts from our exclusive antique cabinet hardware and furniture hardware collection. We carry a wide selection of replacement parts for cabinets and furniture in the most popular decorative styles from the last years, all available in a variety of attractive finishes.

Above and below left are engravings from the book. Photo courtesy eBay seller zalocs. This was posted at Antique Trader https: How many cookbooks do you have stashed away? You may not consider yourself a collector of these, but I know you have some. Whether they were purchased, inherited or given to you as a gift, they are accumulating on a shelf in your home.

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A small factory in Indiana, the Hoosier Manufacturing Company, took the baker’s cabinet, replaced the possum belly drawers with an enclosed cabinet and by had .

My neighbor gave me her family’s kitchen Hoosier cabinet. It has a coat or two of paint all over it, except the inside. Should I just sand and paint again, or try to remove all paint using those brush-on solutions, then scraping to restore it to its original wood? I’ve heard Hoosiers should not be refinished so as to save their value, but this one is painted yellow and won’t match my kitchen cabinets.

Also, should I repaint the inside shelves or leave as is? A Hoosier cabinet, circa early s, may be valuable. My father and uncle were in the furniture-restoration business, and even they would turn to other professionals when they had questions. If you don’t want to seek out professionals just yet, I’d suggest checking out bookstores or going on the Internet to try to learn as much about the piece as you can.

For example, at www. Your public library might have other references to consult. I would try to determine how valuable the piece actually is; that would require professional analysis.

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Welcome to Hoosier Cabinet Dot Com We sell original Hoosier Cabinet canisters and spice jars that were included with all Hoosier style cabinets when they were new. We also sell original cabinets and parts when they are available along with lots of other items that would have been found in a “Depression Era” kitchen. Hoosier is now used as a generic term to describe this style of kitchen cabinet.

Although Hoosier was the largest manufacturer, there were many companies that manufactured this style of cabinet beginning around the turn of the century and lasting through the depression. The canisters were primarily manufactured by the Sneath Glass Co. With most canister styles there are early generally pre and with a more squared off shape and later versions.

I always envisioned this light fixture in our kitchen above our cool old hoosier cabinet finally broke down and bought it and it looks great. A spectacular example of Warren McArthur’s art deco case work continuing in the tradition of the great Connecticut cabinet makers dating back to the late 17th Century.

Y Corner Cupboard Antique Discover free woodworking plans and projects for corner cupboard antique. Ahtina Antique Corner Cabinet eB Corner Cabinets Living Room Antique corner cabinets living room dining living room furniture accessories mahogany corner cabinets living room corner bookcase tv corner cabinets living room corner wall cabinets living room corner unit living room corner cabinet living room furniture corner shelves living room corner cabinets ki This corner cabinet is in superb condition and is of a very solid construction.

The main body of the corner cupboard i This antique corner cupboard is signed and dated , it is in fine condition for it’s age and has an amazing look. It is decorated with bright colors and still has the original large metal hardware and antique lock. Solid Oak Bow-fronted Antique Corner Cupboard , Simon from Dartington Antiques is describing a superb oak corner cupboard which is bow-fronted with solid brass ‘H’ hinges and working brass lock and key.

Please feel free to call our showroom for any further details We have regular deliveries to London and to the Midlands. Lot 69 – Antique Solid Wood Corner Cabinet With Glass Door This item and more than other lots will sell to the highest bidder regardless of price at an online auction closing Sunday September 19, beginning at 2: Worth the drive even to just browse. Lots of antique furniture Corner Cabinet Dining Room Antique Corner Cabinet Dining Room Furniture Corner cabinets dining room, corner cabinet for dining room, corner cabinets, corner cabinets for dining room, corner cabinet, dining room cabinets, corner china cabinet, dining room hutch, corner cabinets for dining rooms, dining room chairs I love the collection of videos on youtube.

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What is a ‘s hoosier cabinet? A Hoosier cabinet was built to place in homes where the kitchen was small. It was on wheels and could be moved. It was a work bench for cooking.

Sneath made a wide variety of types of glassware, including kerosene lamp globes, semaphore signal globes and glass “Hoosier cabinet” jars such as spice jars, coffee and tea jars, salt and pepper sets, etc.

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If you want to make a nod to this greatly inspirational trend, have a look at the Art Deco cabinet featured in this collection and perhaps you will find something that appeals to your aesthetics. Construction is made of wood and fitted with glass doors. It has 3 wide shelves for storing books or display decorations. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Provides detailed information about Hoosier, Sellers, Napanee, Boone, and McDougall Kitchen Cabinets along with the history of the companies that made them. The many photographs and reproduced ads provide excellent help dating and identifying old cabinets.

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Kennedy Description from the back cover of the book This book is for anyone who owns a “hoosier” cabinet, is trying to find one, or is planning to restore one. It is about the kitchen cabinets sold from the turn of the century to the s and the companies that made them. The major brands of kitchen cabinets covered in this book include: Many old magazine advertisements for kitchen cabinets are included in this book, some dating back to

Jan 31,  · The Hoosier Southern Railroad (reporting mark HOS) is a short-line railroad owned and operated by the Perry County Port Authority (PCPA) of Perry County, Indiana. History The railroad originally consisted of a mile line between the Indiana communities of .

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Built In China Cabinet Buffet – WoodWorking Projects & PlansLower unit w/2 BR, Full BA w/CT, DR w/built-in china cabinet/buffet & LR w/built-in bookcase. Today’s Vintage Internet Plans is a collection of free Mission Style furniture plans taken from publications dating back to the late ‘s, many of these may well have been the working.

Indiana is the 38th largest by area and the 16th most populous of the 50 United States and its capital and largest city is Indianapolis. Indiana was admitted to the United States as the 19th U. Indiana has several areas with populations greater than , The states name means Land of the Indians, or simply Indian Land and it also stems from Indianas territorial history. On May 7, , the United States Congress passed legislation to divide the Northwest Territory into two areas and named the section the Indiana Territory.

In , when Congress passed an Enabling Act to begin the process of establishing statehood for Indiana, a resident of Indiana is officially known as a Hoosier. The first inhabitants in what is now Indiana were the Paleo-Indians, divided into small groups, the Paleo-Indians were nomads who hunted large game such as mastodons. They created stone tools made out of chert by chipping, knapping and flaking, the Archaic period, which began between and BC, covered the next phase of indigenous culture.

The people developed new tools as well as techniques to cook food, such new tools included different types of spear points and knives, with various forms of notches. They made ground-stone tools such as axes, woodworking tools. During the latter part of the period, they built mounds and middens.

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vintage Hoosier jars, depression glass kitchen canisters for coffee, tea, spice jar S&P shakers Nice lot of assorted old Hoosier cabinet canister jars, all with the old metal lids. These are nice, and make a good set for coffee and tea, salt and pepper.

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